About Postgraduate Programmes


  • M.Sc. Accounting and Finance                                                         
  • PhD Accounting and Finance                                                            
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting & Finance                           
  • Masters in Banking and Finance                                                        
  • Masters in Accounting                                                                       
  • M.Phil. Accounting and Finance                                                       

Mission of the Department

  • To produce high quality graduates with the highest level of professionalism, and academic astuteness capable of meeting the changing needs and challenges of the Nigerian environment;
  • To train high level manpower with ICT competences that can cope with the challenges of globalization;
  • To be a role model among Academic Units in Ahmadu Bello University in terms of deliverables and deliveries.

Specific Objectives of the Department

  • To provide the best education in Accounting so as to equip young men and women for careers as Accounting Educators and Practitioners nationally and internationally.
  • To sufficiently prepare students for career in teaching, research and consultancy in Accounting and related disciplines.
  • To equip students of Accounting with the skills needed for recognizing and defining problems and taking appropriate decision using current scientific techniques and ICT.
  • To consolidate and expand the frontiers of knowledge in Accounting through development of teaching materials, research and publications.
  • To inculcate in students the awareness of, and sensitivity to, environmental factors and conditions and their impact on Accounting thought and practice.
  • To develop students in leadership and interpersonal relation skills that is needed for working in organizations.